An update on the EqualBet IDO

EqualBet is one of the most exciting projects building on Kadena right now, and judging by the reaction we got when we announced their partnership with KDLaunch, it is obvious many of you share our view on this.

One of the biggest factors for us choosing to work with EqualBet is their commitment to keeping everyone informed on their process, and their ethos of offering real value to investors before raising any capital with their IDO.

EqualBet had planned to implement Kuro for their betting exchange to prevent users from front-running other bettors with bots (see their WP for more details on this). However, according to Equalbet, Kuro is not ready for implementation in its current form.

Undeterred by this, their team will be looking to either improve upon the work that has already been done on Kuro, work on their own layer-2 solution, or search for another blockchain that will meet their needs.

How long this will take is too hard to speculate on at the moment. With this in mind, we will delist Equalbet from the IDO page, while they figure out their path and future. Making cutting-edge innovation is not easy, if it were, anyone would do it. The KDLaunch door will remain open for Equalbets, and we will keep the talks going for a possible future launch, if it makes sense for both parties at that point.

We remain positive on Equalbet and believe they can create an amazing betting experience, as well as a fantastic investment opportunity, once they work out the technical hardships they face today.



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