The time has come to support a great use case of blockchains with Docushield.

🔴️IDO dates are as follows:

Registration: May 27, 2022 19:00 UTC

Assigning Allocation: June 01, 2022 16:00 UTC

Whitelist Round: June 01, 2022 19:00 UTC

KDL Round: June 02, 2022 19:00 UTC

Fair Distribution Round: June 04, 2022 19:00 UTC

Sale ends: June 07, 2022 19:00 UTC

🔴IDO Details:

Soft Cap: $ 350,000

Hard Cap: $1,000,000

Allocation size: $ 1,250 US in KDA

IDO $DOC amount: 140,000,000

Price per DOC token: $ 0.00714

Please note: We have changed our allocation size from $KDA to USD, because of the volatility of the market at this time, and we want what is best for our projects and community. $KDA will still be traded for $DOC, the $KDA rate will be set before IDO registration opens.

Docushield has come to us with a crystal clear vision for their project — a decentralized document storage service that keeps the important and irreplaceable things in your life safe forever.

They have leveraged the power of the Kadena blockchain for it’s security, while striving for a user experience, that can reach far beyond the crypto community, with an app that puts this bleeding edge technology in the hands of everyone.

The $DOC Tokenomics speak volumes about the direction Docushield is heading, with an extreme focus on using money raised for development and a shocking 0% allocated to the team.

Led by entrepreneur Adrian Marquez, Docushield are doing things differently than some of the crypto projects you might be used to seeing. They are bringing some serious real world business savvy to the table, and their commitment to explaining their technology and their vision for their company and the app they have built is admirable.

You can see this for yourself by watching the webinars, app demos, and many AMAs that Adrian and the rest of the team have done already, by following the links below. And if you would like to dive deeper, check out their whitepaper, or go ask them some questions directly by joining them on their socials.

We are so proud to be partnering with Docushield for this IDO and we can’t wait to help bring this amazing project to life!








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